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simple sketch/line art/character design = 5$/400pts
Masaki x You by recchika
Summer Boys -WIP by recchika
Design niichan by recchika

doodle/scene sketch= 7$/500pts
COMMISSION for Lawman09 Ichihime and Nell by recchika
LeviHan Rain (hanji's side) by recchika
Tsubasa x You by recchika

full color+background (1-2 characters)= 10$/800pts
LeviHan - Caught in Action by recchika
Levihan - Summer Sea by recchika

full color+background (more than 2 characters) = 15$/1200pts
Summer Boys by recchika

method of payment = points or paypals

how to order:
:star: note me your order or got to this account ---> :iconrecchika:
:star: i give you the price, if you agree tell me the deadline
:star: pay 50% and I start working
:star: I show the WIP, if you agree I go on, you pay the rest
:star: I send you the finished work

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Reshika Takegami
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography


I don't speak Tagalog fluently, so sorry.
:D I can speak Indonesian and Japanese (And Malay) fluently though
So right now me and my friends are working on a otome game project :D
I am really excited because I really love otoge. :D The teaser (prologue) would be able for android sometime this year and the full version would be for PC and Android.

I made the plot, character design and CGs, My friends would work on the other stuff like script and programming. And Oh it would be in English!

The official website is in preparation right now but I took some liberty to post a little about it here haha. Oh well, I am just so excited that I really wanna share with you :D

Summer Boys by recchika

The title is: SUMMER MAMA

Oh well, the Heroine is a high school student named You. She lives alone with her brother who is a Police Officer. During the summer vacation, You's brother told her that he would cut her allowance and said if she wanted some pocket money, she gotta work. So, he told her that his friend, whose wife had just died recently, needed someone as a living-in house keeper to take care of his kids during the summer vacation. You was good at handling kids so she agreed to take that job. Too bad, her brother forgot to mention that the kids were not really a kid.

So during the summer, You would have to be a "Mama" for four Kids, who is 26, 22, 17 and 14 years old. And what made it worse, was that the 'Papa' of the house is her first love.


Design You by recchika

About You:
The idea is a strong and dependable woman but also clueless at times. I don't want to make her mary sues so she had many flaws too :")
You is an average girl. I didn't make her beautiful or cute (tough I do want her to be a bit stylish though in a boyish kind of fashion)
She is capable doing house cores but could be clumsy at times. She loves money and would fight her best for half priced stuffs 8D

Design Tsubasa by recchika

About Tsubasa:
Tsubasa is the oldest son, he is a model and also an actor. Despite being the oldest son, Tsubasa is also quite childish. He is a bit narcissistic and selfish,
but he is also the nicest one amongst the brothers. He has a bit complex about being an ex super model's son, he wanted to be recognized for his talent not for being his parent's son.

Design Masaki by recchika

About Masaki:
Masaki is the second son, he is a university student who loves to do the house work. Because his older brother is not dependable and his step father is really busy, Masaki acted like the mother in the house,
until then Heroine comes. Masaki knew that You has feeling for his step father that's why he bullied her to make her give up her feeling.

Design Shota by recchika

About Shota:
Shota is the third son. He is a highschool student from the same school with you, whom often cut the class to go somewhere. He rarely talk but always says whatever thing crossed his mind in a "i-don't-care" manner.
he doesn't really socialize in his school and has not many friends but slowly he opens up to You.

Design Yuya by recchika

About Yuya:
Yuya is the youngest son, an introvert boy who doesn't really like to talk with girls (he didn't have problem with his male friends).
 Yuya is a member of Kyuudo (archery) club in his school and actually quite popular but he doesn't really care. He is still blaming himself for his mother's death.

Design Papa by recchika

about Papa:
Satoshi is a forensic doctor for the police department. He married a widow who is 7 years older than him and already has 4 kids (but she died in an accident not long after they got married).
atoshi is really gentle and kind. He thought of Heroine as a little sister and seemed not to notice her feeling for him.

Design niichan by recchika

About Oniichan:
Kouichi is a police officer who lives alone with his sister as her guardian. Kouichi loves to tease his sister but is also over-protective at times. He knew that Heroine has feeling for his senior, Satoshi, but he believes in Satoshi so when he heard about the job offer, he didn't mind for her to stay in Satoshi's house being a house keeper. Wrong choice, maybe?

So there would be 4 routes, including 1 bonus and real ending route :D
We are still amateur but we are giving our best for this project, I would be happy if you could support us XD

Here are some sketch of my head canon stuff that happened in the game. (may or may be not contain spoiler)

Tsubasa x You by recchika
Masaki x You by recchika
Shota x You by recchika
Yuya x You by recchika

more updates can be found in my artwork account :iconrecchika:
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